Good Evening ^^

I’m back with some photos that I took on Pangandaran Beach 2 days ago :3

Same as before, I’m a beginner and still growing to be a master. Lemme show you how beautiful pangandaran is. YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT I SEE. Here we goooo~

What a beautiful view ❤

Wondering that all of my bestfriends could see those kites in the air by their own eyes. Yah 3 of my bestfriends are stayed at home while bella and I were seeing those beautiful kites. And… I promise them to gave some photos about my farewell trip.

Semoga cuma karena foto kalian yang baca post ini bisa ngerasain gimana rasanya ada di deket layang-layang itu, semoga foto yang gue share ngebawa kalian ke tempat gue berada waktu itu ^^

See you next post~


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