What Is Mattered

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Selamat malam minggu.

Gue bukan tipikal orang yang suka galau karena malam minggu, jadi bodo amat.

Malam minggu? Nggak peduli


This is my 2nd post on July! Welcome July! I know holiday is going to an end, even it less than 10 days. I can’t stop thinking about my last 8 days of holiday. Why holiday is such a thunder? It pass so fast even nobody can’t see it clearly but they exactly can feel it. I’d really appreciate someone who could made my last 8 days going well. I really do. But I think 8 days aren’t enough for me to relieve mind problems, random problems even my problem at english. Posting with english language is a big risk. People will easily find this site and they probably will read this post. Yeah, probably.

Ng… Actually I’d talk about something right now. We live with ‘something’ and there’re always be something on every seconds in our life. I swear mostly people such as teens, children, or anybody who still fit in every condition will underestimated their ‘something’ in their life. They don’t understand how precious a ‘something’ is for a lansia. What is lansia in english? Adult? Super adult?

The reason why I wrote this is, I want to make a correction for my life. Realized that a 96-year-old-man still dancing on ‘Got to Dance UK’. I watched it and I was like.. I can’t think anything. I’m going all speechless, the dance group name is ‘Eddie’s Angles’ that formed by 44-96 year old women. But the 96 one is Eddie, he’s the only one guy. I can’t think but impressed. They not as good as others, but they still got 3 stars from judges.

I want to be like Eddie. Although I don’t want to live that long, but I want when my age is up to 65, my bones are still good. I know those are not as strong as before but at least I don’t have to sit after 10 mins-30 mins walking.

Living 96 years is a surprise and a gift from God.

Today I realized, every seconds in our life is mattered. Indeed.

My grammar is sucks, my english is bad, so I’m sorry for you to read this terrible post.

Goodnight, see you next post!


3 thoughts on “What Is Mattered

  1. Your english not ever so bad dris, and eddie is surprisingly inspiration to you i feel. Having a strong bones and something special like it, ah. Let’s call him a super-adult, really, and realize from now on, i like calling both of lansia as “super-adult”. Well, sounds very funny!


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