Curhat Dulu Ya

#nowplaying One Day I Will Leave Behind – Yiruma

For me, listening music is the best way to relieve problems. People have their own way to relieve their problems. Apalagi rock or classical music. I don’t even remember when and why I choose music is the best way. But it came like a wind in a desert. I swear you all know how it feels. It doesn’t sees but could blew all uncomfortable things away.

I love to listening music while my brain and heart are not as synchron as usual. Oh I don’t know what ‘gak sinkron’ in english. Tapi, beside all of it, the other best way to relieve problem is writing. That’s why so many nyampah post here. Sorry, but curhat in my timeline is so jadul and I bet people who follow me really don’t like it. But… Over all, this is why I made this blog, right? This is what I choose so there’s no time to regret.

Talking about regret, sometimes I regret decision I’ve made. That sucks.

What mattered is… Why did I have to choose the 2nd way when the 1st is more safety to be through? Sometimes I miss people on my past. They’re not longer exist in my life–not secara harfiah, oke. My bad decision that causing they’re not longer exist. I really regret it. But what make I scare the most is, when they come again, I’m afraid that I can’t stand with them like I used to. I know that I might have to give them a second chance. But it’s not that easy. It sounds like they’re the antagonist actor, but they’re not. It’s just… My mistakes. At first I really didn’t regret on decision I’ve made. But… Kesini-kesini setelah dipikirkan, kayaknya I started to regret it.

Well, I’m not a kind of person who think all people deserve a second chance. So, when people got a second chance from me, that’s mean I don’t want to lose them in my life. Beruntunglah orang-orang seperti itu. Hehehehe

Terus, I have something to write.

See you next post! Maaf, bahasa inggris gue kacau. Jadi, tolong diwajarkan.


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