Mother’s Day

Mother’s day, they said.

On this day, all people in the entire world tend to upload their mom’s pict to many socmed. They don’t really understand the history behind mother’s day, right? And so do I. So here I am, doing a mainstream way to tell my mom how much I love her. Even words couldn’t describe how much we love them ya?

It’s strange, how I often avoiding my mom because I couldn’t stand a minute when she started to ceramahin me. It’s strange also when I really don’t want to talk with her for hours until my mood back. There’re another reasons why. But today, I made her this post. Despite I have many strange reasons, mother always be my first hero. Although I still doubt about it because I think dad is my first hero too. How about I called my first hero as ‘Parents’?

I always wonder I can buy her a beautiful gift someday.

Ohiya, it’s crazy when I found out today is mother’s day because people tweeted it on twitter. Sometimes, twitter is a great reminder.

For me, a Mother is someone who:

1. Has an unlimited love.

2. Recognize every little things her child did.

3. The one who really understand us even though we’re not saying a words.

4. The one who always seem strong when facing the truth.

5. The most patient person ever.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell her I love her because it sounds lebay and… I appreciate someone who netapin Mother’s day on this day, because it make me easier to show her how much I love her. I hope you read this, bu. I know you’re my blog’s stalker. Hahahaha

Well, I love you Ibu 🙂

– Sincerely, your only daughter.



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