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Haaaaaa it’s 2014 already!

I always wish something every new year but I think nothing could change anything despite I really hope for it because I realized it comes from our self, I mean, the change itself. So this year I’m not hoping too much things for came true like many years ago. I don’t really care because I don’t have any ‘New year spirit’ yea something like that. But the worst part of new year will always be… On this month, students will all come back to school.

I didn’t turn the fireworks like the other did, I didn’t spend my night by standing with other people until covered up the street and waiting for 00:00, because I feel like I didn’t have to. So I went to Cipaku, where my Uyut’s house creating a family dinner.

I feel like I don’t have to spend my new year night by doing some special things, all I have to do is doing a simple thing with special people. It’s enough, I swear. But this new year is really different, because I decided to joined a writing competition and we have to finished the 3000-4000 words story in 36 hours! It’s the reason why the shit writing competition name’s #NulisKilat

Oh my Goood, it scared me out but well, it made my day! I don’t have to spend my day by doing nothing as usual. AND! You know what stressing? I sent my story to the publisher on M-5 deadline! (M = minutes). Omg, it was a moment I’ll never forget… EVER! Because I did an express way to finished up my story, it ended up badly I think. It didn’t like what I expected and wish for the sweet happy ending because I have no time to make it sweet. But who cares, the most important thing is, I’ve tried to sent my horrible story yeah

And well, my fingers are getting all cold and sweating. This competition had blowing out my courage to make another writing project. But yeah, it’s… AMAZING! Thank you for making a shit competition like that~




Random-amateur author you ever met.


Diterima Apa Adanya Kok

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