I’m about to die when someone on my dashboard reblogging a super handsome guy through the years. It sounds like I’m exaggerating that guy ya? But, who doesn’t bleeding when seeing your idol right from they still a baby onto a tall-handsome-guy?!

It’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Ya, I adore him as much as I adore Andrew Garfield. Who didn’t know Benedict Cumberbatch? He also played on Star Trek Into The Darkness, fight against Spock. I love Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. I love how he treat a girl without saying a words but he still get the sweet side of it. I love how he smile and his serious face when analyze something. I love how he explain his thought. I love how he never modusin cewek on his serial drama HEHE–ya, it’s obviously based on the dialog but who cares?

And I love brainy guy like him–of course when he role as Sherlock. We can take a conclusion that I love him as Sherlock. So I’m gonna post about Sherlock now. SMART-ASS!

I got a bunch pictures of him!


Isn’t it sweet when Sherlock told his deduction with low-deep voice about Molly’s gift when Christmas and he didn’t realize the gift is for him. Molly dressed with that cute dress for him. Wrapped a gift carefully for him. Used a red hot lipstick for him. And Sherlock knew it’s for him when he opened the gift card outside it. He got all freeze but then he took a move. He gave Molly a kiss on her cheek. Gewd!


Brainy’s the new sexy.

Said Irene Adler when Sherlock came onto her house.

I bet, the most famous quote of Sherlock Holmes in BBC is:

Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

I found it easier than the other quotes. Sometimes it shows as gif or jpg/png.

Ah iya, I love Sherlock when he refused to dress up whereas he’s on The Buckingham Palace. Once Mycroft Holmes said:

We are in Buckingham Palace, the very heart of British nations. Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on!

Do you know that Sherlock didn’t use any clothes except a white blanket covered his body? He didn’t like when someone is forced him to solve a case under 6/7 a.m. And he goes all like this:


I love everything about Sherlock!




It’s strange when I watched Sherlock Season 2 episode 1 ‘Scandal in Belgravia’, the end of that episode was surprisingly amazing-spectacular-unexpected-fascinating-unbelievable-incredible-unusual-fantastic and successfully made me SCREAAAM OUT LOUD after found out that Sherlock whispered to Adler on her very last time in life. He whispered, “When I said run, run!”

Sherlock is… Indirectly made all girls jealous with Irene Adler.

You all should watch Sherlock from now! Can’t wait to SH Season 4 omg! Ohiya, it seems like I started to adore Moriarty because he’s as brainy as Sherlock. Well, for the end of this post, I’ll upload a gif from ‘Scandal In Belgravia’. Briefly, it’s when Irene Adler said that her phone is her life. It’s locked and we need 4 words/number or BOTH to make it unlocked.

Sherlock just have 5 attempts to try and when he just has one last attempt, he smiled and told his deduction. Then he started to type 4 words. It’s…


And yes, Irene Adler fall in love with that smart-ass guy. SO DO I.

I think this is my first post about my idol, ya? I need to stop fangirling on my blog omg.

Well, goodnight!

Photo’s source: Tumblr


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