Regret Is So Last Year

#nowplaying I’ll Never Go – David Archuleta

Don’t you perceive that sometimes, regrets are wasting your time? I mean, it such a waste to think about past experiences even without an effort to make it better on the future. There’re always 3 things in our life cycle. Past, present, and future.

I ain’t have time for regret like I used to. Regretting is really exhausting. I do now how it feels when I’m too much complains for the same things all over again. Because I did it. I really did.

I hate to hear that sometimes, exhausted people mostly speak harsh words toward someone–both older or in the same age as them. I assume that they’re exhausted, so they wreak it by saying an unacceptable words. That’s why, people HAVE to find their own way to relieve problems without hurting someone.

Mine are writing, sleeping and listening music with volume up thus I can ignore the world HEHEHE. Exhausted people mostly complains about things. I’m not really exhausted so I have to decrease my complain habit. I have to write off the ‘REGRET’ word out of my mind. Although I’ll have that regret feeling unconsciously someday.

After all, it’s just the way we respond something.

We set our own mind. For example, when we set our mind to always feel that our school is bad, it’ll always that bad. But remember, it’s just us who setting up our mind to think that way. I’m on my way to make it as my reminder constantly.

But past isn’t always define who you really are now. You only have 2 choices, I think. You can take it for a lesson or a weapon to fight against yourself.

To make you let the fear takes all control of your body and mind. To blow out your courage and your dreams. To make you feel that you are the most worthless person after all. To make you down.

So does the inverse. To motivates you. To make a positive vibe inside yourself. To balancing the control of mind and body. To make you feel that there’re no things to be regretted. To make you easier to find the beauty from every pain.

Regret is so last year, man!

Yet it’s a self-encouragement for me as well.

So, what kind of those  2 choices you want to choose? Mine’s obviously the choice to change past into lesson for my future. I’m on my way to be like I want 🙂


Diterima Apa Adanya Kok

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