Collecting Tickets

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Due to Ridwan Kamil’s program, today is #KamisInggris so I decided to make this post with my horrible English skill. Pardon my grammar error and uncool vocabularies. No, I didn’t mean to show off.

At first I thought this is my guilty pleasure, but when I knew that everyone have their own collection, maybe collecting a movie ticket wasn’t a guilty pleasure at all. I rarely found a person who did the same as I am. Well, what the hell am I going to write after this long sok-inggris paragraph?

One of my hobbies.

What is it, then?

Collecting movie ticket.

And yes, I’ve been collected most of my movie tickets from around 2009/2010 until now, although some of it were missing. Since I found this red small box with mandarin sentences written on it, I decided to make it as my ‘secret box’. But it was when stupidity took over control. After I think twice about secret box, I don’t know what am I supposed to keep as my secret AND everybody could easily open it. So how could my secret be a secret? How stupid.



Beside a bunch of tickets, I also kept my National Exam’s card.


Some of my friends won’t kept Lucy tickets because it was so… You know… Even I almost sleep watching the entire film. There were just 3/4 friends who kept the ticket, and the rest are mine. That’s why there’re so many Lucy tickets in my box.

Oldest ticket I ever kept.

I don’t know on what year A Christmas Carol was first aired.

Newest movie.
Newest movie.

Talking about The Pyramid, it was Tuesday when me and 4 of my friends were all upset with Stand By Me. Why Tuesday? Because blitzmegaplex has a ‘Selasa Hemat’ program for all movies! It just cost 25k for a ticket! Okay, end of promotion. I don’t know what made people WANT even NEED  to watch Stand By Me while they are already know the ending. Doraemon would never exist anymore and… That’s it. Too many spoilers for one movie. Even the first version of Stand By Me was aired in 90’s I don’t know exactly on what year it is.


At first we want to watch The Penguin of Madagascar! Benedict Cumberbatch who played as Sherlock Holmes on BBC is one of the seiyuu! BUT! When one of my friends opened the blitzmegaplex’s website to check the schedule, Penguin of Madagascar is…. GONE! It would never gone this fast if Stand By Me isn’t showed on 7 auditorium! It’s insane, isn’t it?! 7 auditorium for one movie and people still pleasure to watch it. Nuts.

It was the longest queue I ever seen in cinema. I also tucked on that damn-long queue because of Stand By Me watch-er. Now I know how important the blitz-card is. Wish I have one 😦

Back to the main topic.

Cheapest ticket I ever kept.
Cheapest ticket I ever kept.

Look how cheap it was! Now Ciwalk has the almost same damn price as blitzmegaplex, Ciwalk is 5k cheaper but blitzmegaplex has a lot of good offers which are attract people to watch there.


Yes, I watched The handsome Amazing Spiderman twice! Why? Because 1. I watched it with my sister for the first time as the alternate movie because MIB 3 is gone (the choice i never regret for the rest of my life), 2. Andrew Garfield is hot, 3. My friends weren’t able to watch it as soon as possible so I accompanied them with all of my pleasure.

The color were all changed.
The color were all changed.

Look how time and my untidy demeanor had changed the ticket’s color.

Cinemas I ever watched all movies in.
Cinemas I ever watched all movies in.


Blitzmegaplex ticket is weak, so damn thin, and the writing could easily disappear as the time flies and another factors. But I loved to watch there, anyway!

So I think that’s it. 😀

I have another random collection! Post it later.

See ya next post.

Current mood: Masih pundung sama Stand By Me. 


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