EF, One Word For 2015: Explore

#nowplaying Blank Space – Taylor Swift.

It’s 2015 already!

Bandung has a Kamis Inggris, now Blog English Club has an exercise to improve our English too, it’s called English Friday.

For me, one word that’d describe a whole 2015 is,


There’re so many things to be explored for. Explore could be anything, it could be either a new places or a part of examine something in a science way. No, I prefer not to choose the last one. Somehow, the silly yet everlasting cartoon which was once be my favorite series when I was on kindergarten named Dora The Explorer, is a real proof of explore that suits my definition! Ugh, I can’t even believe it, man.

New places could be anything, I could just visit a new mall and called it explore. It doesn’t have to be something incredible, I don’t have to be in a long fascinating journey just to have it called explore. Because explore could be some small things that occur around us.

Why did I choose explore for 2015’s main word?

It’s because this year I’ll face something new, new places, new friends with different attitude, new classes, etc. In order to adaptation, I need to explore more. And yes, I truly hope the ‘explore’ itself would be something… Peachy. Hahaha.

See you next post.

P.s: Pardon my grammar error.


16 thoughts on “EF, One Word For 2015: Explore

  1. Seems my comment marked as spam here. 😀
    May you will get the opportunity to explore life to its furthest corner this year. 🙂
    Thank you for joining the challenge! 🙂


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