EF #2: Wildest Dream

#nowplaying No Boundaries – Kris Allen.

You know what you want, but how long can you wait? 

I think the song above is a great song to bear out today’s BEC topic. Near the end part of the song, there’s a line that perfectly fits the ‘Wildest Dream’ which was the reason why I love this old song so much. Here it is!

You can go higher, you can go deeper

There are no boundaries, above and beneath you

Break every rules ’cause there’s nothing between you and your dreams

Talking about old song, actually there’s never a too old song. Because a well-listening songs are lasted forever! And this song is included. Okay, let’s just get started before I write another out of topic sentences including this one.

Source: Tumblr.


People do have a tons of different dreams. The difference is, most of them thought they’re capable enough to reach it no matter how hard and high their dreams are, while the rest of them are feeling worthless, incapable and pessimist. The last one is pathetic, isn’t?

But sometimes we must to keep on dreaming, aren’t we? Even if we knew there’s always an obstacle.

I have this wildest dream, which all of my passions are needed there. What is it, then?

A Paid Traveller!

I want to travel around the world, but I will definitely choose to travel around Indonesia first over other places. Y’know, when someone said he/she wants to travel around the world, it means they just want to travel a few places out of their country. Yah, hope you guys get my point.
By become a paid traveller, I can write something, capture some places, meet new people, taste different foods, experience something new and those all had already combined into one coolest thing called Traveling. And I could earn profit–be paid, by doing things I really love. Of course it isn’t as easy as how you guys thought it’d be. A paid traveller have to promote and left something nice at the place they’ve just visited. There’re some places that maybe will always be my dream. But hopefully the luck is always on my side.

Honestly, a place I really have to visit is Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea’s home and seeing my team play in front of my eyes. A place where I could feel the real euphoria of winning, or the sad feeling because of losing. Of course I won’t choose the last one. A place where I could sing the chants out loud with the other supporters.

Having some 0 rupiah journeys (not a 0 rupiah flight because it’s too mainstream), getting paid by traveling, and that’s it! Maybe I’d be the happiest girl on earth.

p.s: pardon my sucks grammar.


13 thoughts on “EF #2: Wildest Dream

  1. I know it’s out of the topic but I like these 2 lines:

    there’s never a too old song. Because a well-listening songs are lasted forever!

    Stick to your dreams, you shall be the happiest girl 🙂


      1. I would have if only my husband never had a back surgery. We’ve always wanted to be on the show. The difficult challenge will be outweighed with the experience, dont you think?


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