EF #4: Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

#nowplaying Don’t Go Away – Oasis.

It is suck to know that I didn’t join the 3rd challenge because last week is such the most tiresome week I’ve ever had so far.

So why does your EF #3 post appeared?

It’s Thursday when I was editing my post on my free time, one of my classmates was deliberately push the ‘update’ button and I never knew it was published because I never check the status, is it published or saved in draft. I was recognized it 3 days later when I already have my rest after I always came home at night on weekdays–didn’t have any energy to check my phone, and I spent my weekend on a place where the phone’s signal doesn’t exist.

What-a-shame. I would never let him be around me while I’m editing my post. Never again. Okay now back to the main topic.

If I have this one chance to pick something from Doraemon’s magic pocket, I will definitely choose a:

Food Downloader Machine

Yes! A Food Downloader Machine! Why? Because I love foods!

Source: Tumblr.
Source: Tumblr.

I thought of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ food maker machine, and I decided to make another one with a little different ways to produce foods. The procedure for the one I created (which is not really my idea because it’s already exist on a film, absolutely) is quite simple, I just need to download the food’s picture, upload it to the Food Downloader, adding all of the names of the ingredients and it will took 10-40 minutes before it’s completed, just like when I waited for my dishes to came out at the restaurant. It’s portable, I don’t need to starve myself just to have my savings increased. And those people with anorexia didn’t have to starve themselves either because they could carry it anywhere and download some foods clandestinely. They will ended up screaming at the boring and flavorless salad “Piss off dude, I finally have my free time for live the life!”

Who doesn’t love food, anyway?


p.s: No offense for the anorexia part.


9 thoughts on “EF #4: Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

  1. A rather interesting machine. It will be more practical if we don’have to input the ingredients. Just upload a picture. hahahahaha. *comment from a lazy bone 😀


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