EF #6: Alter Ego

#nowplaying With Me – Sum 41.

Based on sources I’ve read, an AB’s has multiple personality. Is it the same as alter ego? I thought it’s the same because my blood type is AB and somehow the fact suits me well. Well, let’s talk about math.

The percentage of my real personality and my alter ego is:

50% – 50%

50% of my real personality consist: A highly icy girl.

50% of my alter ego consist: A shameless girl.

Actually it depends on where I stand, with whom I talk and my mood swings. My alter ego itself has took almost all control of my mind on my freshman year, which is almost 3 years ago because I need it in order to adaptation on a higher level. Today I never really take a look at it because I feel that’s the way I supposed to act and it feels right as long as it doesn’t harm people in every possible way.

Just like when I accidentally met Kak Dani, one of BEC admins (post about it soon). I shy at first before I decided to walked into his table and that’s when my alter ego takes place.

An alter ego isn’t always a negative side of people, in fact my alter ego leads me to a more friendly and ‘humanely’ kind of person. It changed the way people see me, indeed.

See you on the next English Friday!


14 thoughts on “EF #6: Alter Ego

      1. Gara

        So how did you introduce yourself? I have some problem too, too confused on what to talk if I met a blogger or someone I’ve known online :hehe


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