#EF 8: So Young

Dear 7 years old me,

God, I can’t believe you’re still that young. Do you wanna hear an interesting story about yourself? Okay, here it is.

Your favorite cartoon are Dora The Explorer and Winnie the Pooh. You also have a bunch collection of kid’s meal toys, books about dinosaurs with tons pictures of it, a box full of Disney books and your favorite were always Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. You had a hair that looked similar like Dora’s because it was the only hair style you knew.

You didn’t want to go to school at the end semester of your second grade. Why? Because you were bored and uncomfortable. You couldn’t stand the atmosphere on your class with 48 students included you, which are enough to make a rescue team. It’s a public school, 15 minutes walking from your house. It was quite fun, to be honest. You met some new friends–that unexpectedly be my high school (both junior and senior) friends now.

After two weeks full of skipping school, you decided to moved to a new private school with less students in one class. You also met your kindergarten friends there. It was your first time to playing Angklung, traditional musical instrument from West Java. Your first time to studying with only 5 students in one class. Your first time to be the first generation, which means you are the oldest, you didn’t have seniors. It was amazing, you experienced your ‘first’ a lot after you moved to this new school.

You never regret it, right?

The secret is, you are myself 10 years ago. Ten years passed and I still remember some changes I had back when I was 7. I write you this, a little piece of our memories. You know? I never ever wanted to change you even if I have a chance. Be grateful for that, dear 7 years old me. Hehehe.


You, 10 years later. 🙂

p.s: Pardon my grammar error.


5 thoughts on “#EF 8: So Young

  1. Gara

    Skipped school for two weeks? May I know why did you do that? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer, I am just curious :hehe. I would’ve been beaten to death (pardon the lebay-ness) had I dared to do that :huhu.


    1. I was booored, it’s ridiculous to have 48 students in one class, it was uncontrolable. Honestly I slightly regret it, to left my friends just because I couldn’t stand the amount of students and the uncontrolable surroundings. But it is okay because I met them after years in high school and we still remember each other.
      I was still in 2nd grade, skipping school wasnt that hard. :))

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  2. At last. Reading yours. Hahaha. And you said that your English isn’t good?

    And I can’t believe that you are 17. Oh… I really feel so old now. Hahahaha. Thank you for participating.

    Learn together is always the best way to learn everything, this is my motto. Hopefully you also feels the same.


    1. It really isnt good at all! Seeing kakak-kakak with way much better English are made me looked like a loser yet it inspires me to write better huahaha.
      Age is just a number, people said. So dont feel that old wkwk. Your motto was succesfully slapped my mind, because it’s true! It really is, but I rarely recognize it.
      My pleasure!

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