Levitasi: Floating Market

#nowplaying Stupido Ritmo – Float.

Sekarang sang pianis lagi dalam proses jadi master levitasi.


Foto di atas di ambil di Floating Market Lembang! Waktu itu ceritanya kita cewek-cewek beserta Mamah Disa jalan-jalan ke Floating Market, dengan Mamah yang nyetir. Harusnya kita ke sekolah buat ikut Costume Party dalam rangka Halloween, tapi gue sama yang lain pada bolos (kecuali Mamah Disa dengan satu orang lain). Itu berarti gue bareng 4 orang lain bolos. Tolong DITIRU ya 🙂

See ya next post.


Levitation: A Love Story

#nowplaying Little Do You Know – Alex & Sierra.

The story made based on cast’s idea and mine. Don’t take it serious, ya.

Curhat dulu deh dikit. Jadi awalnya ada kompetisi gitu di instagram, temanya lompat. Gue pikir mungkin levitasi bisa, ternyata levitasi ga boleh, kawan 😦

Karena udah terlanjur ambil foto yang banyak sekaligus bikin kisah cinta pas foto-foto *aduh geli nulisnya*, mending di post aja ya, sayang daripada bulukan di album foto.

Btw! Geli sama judul post ini. Love Story. Kayak bukan gue banget gitu pake love love-an buat sebuah judul. Tapi gapapa lah, kali-kali.


They do know how it feels to be happy around each other at the very beginning of their relationship.

As the time flies, they started to make a distance between each other. They don’t know what ‘thing’ that filled the empty space between them.

They were bored, exhausted, disappointed of being neglected, and misunderstood has a grip on them. They don’t trust each other like they used to.

He has no chance to be with her anymore. She tried to break off the relationship, but he believe it’s not a way to solve the problem while the other side of him is also agree about the break up itself.

Although they’re not together anymore, they do know the feeling inside won’t go away easily. She, somehow, regret the path she decided to take. She couldn’t stop regret it, she knows she still want him. Deep inside she hopes he would come back but she never tell it out loud.

He, in another hand, never truly moved on. He knows she want him but prestige took all control of his mind. He knows deep inside his heart, he wants her either. The only mistake he made is, he never shows that he need her more.

She tried to bring things back like it used to, but he never genuinely answer all unspoken questions she made. He always left her hanging.

It took months even years to moved on. After years of looking for a better person and he failed, he wants to start it again, he want his relationship back with her. One day, he came into her life and tell her everything he felt for years. Honestly, it was never changed. The feeling he felt for her never changed at all.


But another mistake he made, he never wholly shows a sign that he would come back someday, and it made her confused. It’s like, why don’t you told me earlier? Why it took years to tell me? She used to tried for him when she thought their story isn’t over yet.


Because now it was all too late. 

Okey, how is it? Is it good enough? Or bad? Or….?

Special thanks to pianist (girl), pianist’s adorer (guy with hoodie) and a person who suddenly appear at the middle of the photo session (guy beside pianist).

Jangan bosen levitasi ya!